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ACLU Plans Historic $25 Million Investment to Safeguard Abortion Rights

Governor Gretchen Whitmer

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is gearing up for its largest-ever investment in an election cycle, committing $25 million to races across the nation with a strong emphasis on defending and expanding abortion rights. Amid escalating threats to reproductive freedoms, the ACLU aims to mobilize voters, champion ballot measures, and educate the public about candidates’ stances on civil rights issues.

Protecting Civil Liberties

With a laser focus on safeguarding abortion rights, the ACLU is preparing to deploy a multifaceted strategy. This includes supporting ballot measures in several states to codify abortion access into state constitutions, combating potential bans or restrictions. The organization also plans to bolster turnout efforts among Democrats while underwriting litigation and bolstering volunteer initiatives.

Protester for Abortion Rights

Expanding Engagement

Beyond abortion rights, the ACLU’s investment extends to redistricting reform initiatives and state Supreme Court races in key battlegrounds like Ohio, Michigan, and Montana. Through its Voter Education Fund, the ACLU will work to inform voters about candidates’ positions on critical issues without partisan bias, aiming to cultivate “pro-civil liberty majorities” in state legislatures across Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.

As abortion rights emerge as a pivotal issue in elections, the ACLU’s monumental investment underscores the urgency of protecting fundamental freedoms. By amplifying voter engagement, championing ballot measures, and advocating for pro-civil liberty candidates, the ACLU aims to fortify democracy and ensure that voters have the information and resources they need to uphold their rights at all levels of government.

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