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Roman Reigns’ Unyielding Bonds of Loyalty in Jeopardy Amidst Nia Jax’s Sidelong Glances.

Roman Reigns (Via WWE/Twitter)

The WWE universe is abuzz with whispers of Roman Reigns’ strained relationships within the Bloodline faction, with Nia Jax’s recent Twitter activity casting a shadow of doubt over her allegiance to the original group. As a real-life member of the Bloodline, Jax’s actions have left fans questioning her loyalty to Reigns and the original group, and speculating whether she is slowly drifting towards the new Bloodline led by Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa, and Jacob Fatu.

Jax’s decision to like Fatu’s post, sharing a biblical proverb about the power of the tongue, has stirred up a storm among fans, with many wondering if she is actively switching sides. This concern is amplified by the tumultuous history between Reigns and Jax, who had a backstage disagreement at Survivor Series 2020 over a table spot. The incident, which saw Reigns use his creative pull to alter the match, could be a factor in Jax’s growing distance from Reigns.

Meanwhile, Reigns’ wife Naomi, Jimmy Uso’s wife, is expected to stand by her husband and Reigns in the event of a Bloodline civil war. However, with Jax’s growing closeness to the new Bloodline, it’s clear that Reigns needs to address the situation before it’s too late. A candid conversation with Jax about her loyalty and the past disagreement could go a long way in rekindling their bond and preventing Jax from fully embracing the new Bloodline.

Roman Reigns with the Wild Samoans (Via WWE/Twitter)

As Reigns prepares for his eventual return to WWE, he needs to prioritize rebuilding his relationships with his fellow Superstars, particularly Jax. A failure to do so could lead to further divisions within the Bloodline and jeopardize the faction’s already fragile unity. With the Bloodline likely to face a significant shake-up upon Reigns’ return, it’s crucial that he takes the necessary steps to rebuild trust and ensure his loyalty is unwavering.

Roman Reigns’ unwavering bonds of loyalty are in jeopardy, and it’s imperative that he addresses the situation with Nia Jax before it’s too late. A civil war within the Bloodline could have far-reaching consequences, and Reigns must take proactive steps to prevent a rift from forming.

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