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Concerns Over Safety Measures at Pavana Dam Continue to Mount as Drowning Incidents Proliferate

Pavana Dam in Lonavala

The picturesque Pavana Dam in Lonavala has become a site of dread, as a series of drowning incidents has raised concerns about the safety of tourists visiting the dam. The latest victims, 20-year-old Manish Shankar Sharma and 18-year-old Adwait Verma, join a growing list of fatalities that have occurred in the past few months. The disturbing trend of drownings has prompted local authorities to call for enhanced safety measures to prevent further loss of life.

Senior Police Inspector Kishor Dhumal attributes the primary cause of these accidents to tourists ignoring warning signs and venturing into dangerous waters. In response, the police department has increased police presence around the dam, installed metal fencing, deployed more lifeguards, and marked danger zones with visible signs. Dhumal also emphasizes the importance of meetings with police-patils, who are responsible for instructing villagers to prevent tourists from entering the water bodies and directing camping sites and resorts to restrict their guests from approaching the water.

Dhumal highlights the need for the irrigation department to take a more proactive role in ensuring the safety of tourists. He suggests installing metal fencing around the waterfront, deploying more lifeguards, and providing a patrolling boat equipped with rescue teams to respond quickly in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of marking danger zones with floating red signs to deter tourists from venturing into hazardous areas.

Pavana Dam in Lonavala

Despite these efforts, challenges remain. The police department faces manifold constraints, including manpower shortages and the vast perimeter of the dam, making it difficult to monitor every inch of the area effectively. The authorities’ efforts are being hampered by these constraints, which must be addressed to ensure the safety of tourists visiting the dam.

The recent tragedies at Pavana Dam serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of prioritizing safety measures at tourist destinations. It is essential for local authorities to work together to address the challenges they face and implement effective solutions to prevent further drownings.

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