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Security Removal Sparks Controversy for Hanumangarhi Temple’s Chief Priest Raju Das

Chief Priest Raju Das

The removal of security personnel assigned to Hanumangarhi temple’s chief priest Raju Das has sparked controversy, with tensions rising following an argument between Das and district officials during a meeting called by two Uttar Pradesh ministers. According to Ayodhya District Magistrate Nitish Kumar, the security cover was stripped from Das on Friday, citing complaints that he was misusing it to intimidate people, particularly traders. However, Das has rejected these allegations, claiming that the move is a result of his disagreement with district officials over the temple’s management and its finances.

The meeting that triggered the controversy was called by Uttar Pradesh ministers Jai Veer Singh and Surya Pratap Shahi on Thursday evening to review the BJP’s performance in the Faizabad Lok Sabha seat, which the party lost in the recent polls. Das, along with Ayodhya Mayor Girish Pati Tripathi, was also invited to the meeting. However, the discussion apparently took a contentious turn when Das and the district officials clashed over issues related to the temple’s administration.

The removal of security personnel has raised concerns among devotees and the local community, who view Das as a revered figure and a protector of the temple and its traditions. Das has been the chief priest of Hanumangarhi temple for several years and has played a significant role in its management and daily activities. The temple is one of the most sacred sites in Ayodhya, with devotees from across the country flocking to it to worship and seek blessings.

Hanumangarhi Temple’s Chief Priest Raju Das

The controversy surrounding Das’ security removal has also been seen as a reflection of the political tensions in the region. The BJP’s defeat in the Lok Sabha polls has led to infighting and disagreements within the party, with many party leaders and workers blaming each other for the loss. The removal of security personnel from Das, a prominent local figure, has been seen by some as a move to undermine his influence and authority in the area.

As the situation continues to unfold, many are watching to see how the controversy will be resolved and what impact it will have on the temple and its management. Amidst the uncertainty, Das has vowed to fight for his right to be protected and to continue serving the temple and its devotees. The security removal has also raised questions about accountability and transparency in the administration of the temple and its finances, with many calling for greater openness and transparency in the temple’s management. With the situation still unresolved, only time will tell how the controversy will ultimately play out.

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