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Vince Russo Weighs in on Ricochet’s Decision to Leave WWE for AEW: A Tough Choice Due to Personal Relationships and Lucrative Offer

Bron Breakker, Ricochet and Samantha (Via WWE/Twitter)

Vince Russo, the former WWE head writer, recently shared his insights on Ricochet’s decision to leave WWE, attributing it to a potentially lucrative offer from AEW President Tony Khan. Russo emphasized that Ricochet’s personal relationship with his partner, Samatha Irvin, who is also a part of WWE, might have made the decision challenging for the high-flying star.

Russo explained, “It’s tough, bro, because his better half is working there. So they’re together on the road, they travel together, they’re on the show together. That’s got to be a tough decision.” Despite the emotional aspect of the decision, Russo believes that the substantial financial incentive from AEW might have been the tipping point for Ricochet.

Ricochet and Samantha (Via WWE/Twitter)

Samatha Irvin, Ricochet’s girlfriend, is a ring announcer in WWE, which adds another layer of complexity to the situation. The couple shares travel and work commitments, which would change if Ricochet joins AEW. However, Russo speculates that the financial compensation offered by AEW could have been significantly higher than what Ricochet was making in WWE, making it a difficult decision for the star.

Reflecting on Ricochet’s successful WWE career, Russo acknowledged the star’s accomplishments, including winning multiple championships such as the United States Championship, Intercontinental Championship, NXT North American Championship, and the inaugural WWE Speed Champion. Although Ricochet’s departure has generated interest among fans and wrestling enthusiasts, the primary reasons for his decision remain speculative. Whether personal relationships or financial opportunities played the most significant role, Ricochet’s move from WWE to AEW will undoubtedly impact the wrestling world.

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