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Global Talent Development Responsibilities of William Regal Revealed by Booker T

Booker T (Via WWE/Twitter)

On a recent episode of Hall of Fame, Booker T shared insights into the enigmatic role of veteran wrestler William Regal within WWE. Booker T, a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, shed light on Regal’s impactful contributions to the company’s talent development sector.

During a NXT show encounter, Booker T encountered William Regal, who rejoined WWE in 2023 following a brief stint at AEW. Regal’s return marked a pivotal moment as he resumed his influential role within the organization.

“He’s still making money moves. Let’s just say that. I don’t want to give away his role. He had not spoken something like that; his title. I wouldn’t want to give it a title. I could tell you he’s very very instrumental in the young guys and the young guys that are coming up and making it to the next level,” shared Booker T.

Regal’s recent appearance on WWE TV during the NXT Roadblock event in March 2024, where his son, Charlie Dempsey, clinched the NXT Heritage Cup, further showcased his enduring impact within the wrestling realm.

Triple H (Via WWE/Twitter)

Booker T’s desire to address AEW’s Tony Khan following disparaging remarks about WWE added a layer of intrigue. Khan’s comments likening WWE to Harvey Weinstein drew strong reactions, prompting Booker T to express his staunch defense of his long-standing affiliation with WWE.

“Tony Khan made some statements about the company that I work for, which I really take offense to. Because when you say stuff like what Tony Kahn said, it’s kind of like a blanket statement on everybody,” voiced Booker T, reflecting on the gravity of Khan’s remarks.

As Tony Khan continued to target WWE since the inception of AEW in 2019, the brewing tension between the two wrestling entities hinted at potential confrontations and heightened drama in the wrestling terrain. It remains to be seen how the AEW head honcho will navigate the repercussions of Booker T’s candid comments.

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