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Future of The Alpha Academy in WWE: What Lies Ahead for the Tag Team

Chad Gable with the Alpha Academy (Via WWE/Twitter)

This week’s WWE RAW episode witnessed the outcomes of several tag team matches, with three tandems earning spots in the Six-Pack Tag Team Ladder Match at WrestleMania XL, while three others faced defeat. The Creed Brothers, despite a loss to DIY, delivered a heartfelt promo, whereas The Alpha Academy revealed their plans to move to NXT. Akira Tozawa and Otis, after losing to The New Day, expressed their desire for a fresh start, hinting at a shift to the NXT brand.

Notably, Maxxine Dupri did not support her longtime allies during their loss on RAW, indicating a potential breakup of the team. Meanwhile, Chad Gable seemed preoccupied with mind games against Sami Zayn, who earned a title shot at WrestleMania. This divergence suggests that Gable may not join Otis and Tozawa in NXT, leading to individual pursuits within WWE storylines.

The evolving dynamics raise questions about the future trajectory of The Alpha Academy within WWE. While Tozawa and Otis aim to rejuvenate their careers in NXT, Dupri focuses on establishing her presence in a storyline involving Candice LeRae. Recent events, including a confrontation between LeRae and Dupri, hint at a brewing rivalry that could involve additional female wrestlers like Ivy Nile, setting the stage for compelling narratives.

Alpha Academy and Chad Gable (Via WWE/Twitter)

As WrestleMania XL approaches, speculations arise about potential additions to match cards, with Gable possibly entering the Intercontinental Championship picture. His ongoing psychological warfare with Zayn fuels anticipation for a potential Triple Threat showdown at the grand event. With the clock ticking towards WrestleMania, the terrain of WWE storylines remains fluid, offering opportunities for Dupri and Gable to secure prominent roles in the upcoming event.

Amidst these developments, the fate of The Alpha Academy hangs in the balance, with individual aspirations driving the members towards divergent paths within the WWE universe. As fans await the unfolding chapters leading to WrestleMania XL, the interwoven narratives of Dupri, Gable, and their counterparts promise an engaging spectacle for wrestling enthusiasts.

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