Write For Us


First off, thank you for wanting to contribute to Daily News X . It means a lot that someone like you wants to write for us. So thanks btw here are some of the things that you should take care of.

  • Long-form content is awesome. I don’t really like to have a minimum word count, but 500 seems OK. If you can go into great detail and break down your topic (and subtopic), then 500 words shouldn’t be a problem. 
  • No blocks of text. The text should be easy to read. That means keeping your sentences and paragraphs short and to the point. Also, using subheadings properly (h2, h3, etc).
  • Include lots of images. You know what they say, images speak louder than words. All images should be 600px (wide), no exceptions. Unless, of course, infographics.
  • Show proof and give examples. You can link to credible sources, case studies, and epic content. Also, you can provide screenshots for examples and instructions.
  • ​​​​Don’t be self-promotional. That includes no affiliate links.
  • Don’t send a draft full of errors. Before submitting your post, make sure you proofread it a few times and edit.