The Team

Aashish Gehlot


Srinivasa Raju

The quiet world of Srinivasa wouldn’t have turned upside down if the Silicon Valley hadn’t realized the potential of start-ups. But Silicon Valley and eventually the rest of the world did realize, acknowledge and in recent times, boost the world of startups and now Srinivasa’s entire life revolves around the launching of startups and investments into start-ups.

From Bengaluru to London and from Israel to USA, Srinivasa’s razor sharp eyes are constantly searching for the next big thing in the start-ups world and if you too are fond of the ideas and the work of start-ups then Srinivasa is your ideal buddy. He is also a proud contributor at IndiaTimes

Chaitanya Halgekar
Contributor (Sports)

 Relentless passion for sports coupled with a decade long experience of professional sport commentary has made Chaitanya a sports ninja while his bachelor’s degree in Journalism ensures his reportage is crisp and highly-readable. 

His heart is still divided between Federer’s back-hand and Sachin’s straight drive. But nothing excites him more than the blitzkrieg raid by Manindar Singh and the immaculate move by Magnus Carlsen. 

On average days, Chaitanya’s time is spent on debating about India’s growing stature in the world of Football and procrastinating about India’s next World Cup win. And when he is not doing these things, he is found in front of a computer screen writing about the thing he loves the most: Sports.

Gagan Gupta
Contributor (Tech)

From the newest gadgets to the cheapest yet reliable applications, Gagan is the ‘Know It All’ of Tech world. Coming from a strong technical background, Gagan is following the tech world for the last one and half decade and hence now has considerable knowledge of how this world works and which new update or gadget is going to bring sweeping changes in the tech world. 

He has a stronghold in the PC and smartphone arena and is often seen fidgeting with the latest versions of popular devices. His expertise in this field allows him to analyze and foresee the consequences of any tech related happening in an effective manner, and this unique facet makes his reportage stand out.

Aashish Gehlot
Contributor (Business)

Since the first time he earned a little cash by selling fireworks in school, Aashish has devoted his heart and mind to the world of business and in understanding the nuances of generating profits. His strong academic credentials in business administration enable him to read between the lines and predict the next market move almost to perfection. 

From Stocks to the new age marketing gimmicks, Aashish has a keen interest in all things that help him make profits but he also spends time on understanding what made the biggest business blunders of all time happen. 

Follow Aashish to understand how and why the world of business runs the way it is and to get some lightning fast updates on the latest business trends.

Sana Usmani
Contributor (Health)

A fitness freak and voracious reader, Sana Usmani’s day begins and ends with researching, discussing and debating health related topics. The young Turk aspires to become the country’s leading health blogger in future and has already taken giant strides towards her goal by making a habit of penning down her unique insights and perspectives in the health world. 

A fan of fresh foods, morning air and Milind Soman, Sana takes pride in having a stronghold on all topics that affect a human body and lifestyle. Follow her to get fitness tips, tasty yet nutritious food recipes and plenty of random gyan on benefits of running in the morning.

Anamika Kashyap
Contributor (Tech)

From the best camera phone of this year to ways of enhancing the Internet of Things experience for masses, Anamika has a say in anything and everything related to technology. 

On her 12th birthday, she received a small personal computer and that gift changed her life. Nothing has blown apart her mind more than the rapidly evolving technology world and she is still in awe of the lightning pace at which humans have embraced technology to bring more comfort and ease in life. 

Most of her everyday time is spent on experiencing the cool features of latest electronics and if you come across her after buying a new gadget then be ready to answer a lengthy questionnaire! Don’t forget to follow her to ensure you stay up to-date with every happening in the tech world.