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PM Modi dares opposition to declare bringing back Article 370 in manifesto

JALGAON: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday dared the Congress and NCP to declare in their manifesto that they will bring back Article 370. And also the provisions which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

He was addressing his first rally ahead of the October 21 Maharashtra Assembly polls. Modi said Jammu and Kashmir was “not just a parcel of land, but a crown of India”. He assured it would not take more than four months to normalize the kind of situation that prevailed there for 40 years. He also accused the opposition parties of politicizing the issue of Article 370. Later he charged them with “speaking on the same lines as that of the neighbouring country”.

The prime minister lavished praise on the Devendra Fadnavis-led Maharashtra government for its five-year performance. They said the government is corruption-free” and it inspired confidence among all, including farmers and industries.

Modi attacked the Congress and NCP. He said it was “unfortunate” that they were “politicizing” the unprecedented” decision of the scrapping of Article 370. Their leaders thought exactly the opposite of what the entire nation feels about Jammu and Kashmir, he said. “You look at the statements made by Congress, NCP of late. Modi said they seem to be speaking one line of the neighbouring country. And he didn’t name the leaders, and he also referred to Pakistan.

He accused the opposition leaders of shedding crocodile tears on the issue of Article 370. And then said, “I challenge them if they have guts, declare in their manifesto for state election and future polls too, that they will bring back Article 370 and 35A, which the BJP, the Modi government scrapped…that they will change the August 5 decision.” Modi asked the opposition parties to “Stop shedding these crocodile tears.”
He said the opposition parties would have no future if they were to bring back Article 370 because it will not be acceptable to people. Modi hailed the move. Modi said earlier it was “unthinkable” to take such a decision (of abrogating the Article). Moreover, he noted that in Jammu and Kashmir, only separatism and terrorism were there.

He pointed out that the scope for development of the poor, women, Dalits and the exploited sections was slim. He said that the Human rights of members of the Valmiki community in Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh were curtailed. “Today, I can say bowing before Bhagwan Valmiki that I have the fortune of embracing those brothers,” he added.
Modi said there was “no difference” between what the BJP-led government preached and practised.

He also hit out at the opposition, especially over the issue of banning triple talaq. He alleged that they tried Muslim sisters should not get justice. “But, I kept the promise made to Muslim mothers and sisters,” he said. he also challenged the opposition “to bring back the practice of triple talaq”.
Modi took a dig at the opposition without naming any party. Furthermore, he said the “tired allies” can extend each other support, but cannot fulfil the dreams of Maharashtra and aspirations of its youth. Notably, senior Congress leader Sushilkumar Shinde recently said that Congress and NCP are “tired”.

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