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Undecided Voters’ Verdict: Assessing the Impact of the US Presidential Debate

US Presidential Debate

Undecided U.S. voters overwhelmingly criticized Joe Biden’s performance in the presidential debate against Donald Trump, describing it as feeble, befuddled, embarrassing, and difficult to watch.

Out of 13 voters interviewed, 10 expressed disappointment with Biden’s debate showing.

Gina Gannon, a 65-year-old retiree from Georgia, initially voted for Trump in 2016 but switched her vote to Biden in 2020.

“Joe Biden looked very weak and confused right from the start. It concerns me that our global enemies see Joe Biden in this manner. I was shocked and dismayed. I hate to see our president acting that way on TV and in front of the world,” Gannon said.

“I am absolutely voting for Donald Trump now.”

In the tightly contested presidential race, the influence of debates on voters is usually limited.

Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump

However, with Biden and Trump in a close competition, the election outcome may hinge on just a few thousand votes in swing states. Both candidates are targeting undecided voters who remain crucial to their strategies.

During the debate, Biden’s performance was described as shaky and faltering, while Trump aggressively countered with a barrage of attacks, some of which were reportedly inaccurate.

Joe Biden’s underwhelming debate performance has raised concerns among Democrats and could reinforce worries among voters about his ability to serve another term.

According to a source, seven out of nine disappointed voters are now leaning towards Trump because they doubt Biden’s capacity to fulfill presidential duties.

Among them, three voters indicated they would definitely vote for Trump in the upcoming election rematch on November 5, despite their personal reservations about the former president.

Meredith Marshall, 51, from Los Angeles and self-employed, voted for Biden in 2020 but is now leaning towards Trump following concerns about Biden’s mental acuity highlighted by the debate.

“God forbid if my choices are as they stand right now based on this debate. Hands down I would vote for a liar and a convict over a person who doesn’t seem to be all there mentally.”

About 20% of voters remain undecided or are considering third-party options or not voting, according to a recent poll.

Before the debate, Ashley Altum, a 28-year-old mental healthcare manager from South Carolina, was undecided between Biden and a third-party candidate.

Post-debate, she is leaning more towards Biden, citing his direct approach in addressing questions as a factor in her decision.

“I did see Biden slipping up quite a bit, but I’m always surprised more people don’t in these situations,” she said.

“I think that anybody could go up there and speak eloquently is impressive to start with.”

Biden pointed out in the debate that Trump, at 78, is only three years younger.

“But Trump was just Trump. From a cognitive decline perspective I didn’t see that in Trump,” said Tom Reich, 36, a software engineer from South Carolina.

The issue of age and mental capacity became a focal point on the campaign trail in February after a report by a Department of Justice special counsel indicated that Biden was experiencing memory lapses.
“What a disaster for the Democrats,” Scott Harrington, 63, a fishmonger in Massachusetts, said after watching the debate.
“I was basically undecided but was hoping Biden would have been good enough so I could vote for him. I dislike Trump intensely. I was worried Biden would show he’s not up to the job, but he was even worse than I feared. I might just abstain.”

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