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Daniel Cormier Concerned Over Conor McGregor’s Uncertain UFC Return

Conor McGregor and Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier expressed concern about Conor McGregor’s injury and speculated that McGregor’s leg might be in worse condition than initially reported.

McGregor withdrew from his fight against Michael Chandler at UFC 303, and the lack of a definitive return date has raised alarms for Cormier.

Daniel Cormier

He discussed these concerns on the Good Guy/ Bad Guy show with Chael Sonnen, highlighting the uncertainty surrounding McGregor’s comeback in the UFC, which he believes is worrying for both the organization and the fans.

“To me, no return date tells me that this is much more serious than anybody, even McGregor is letting on Chael. It’s very very concerning to me that I really don’t know when we’re gonna see Conor McGregor fight again.”

Daniel Cormier has expressed skepticism about Conor McGregor returning to fight in the remainder of the year, which contrasts with the general belief among experts that the McGregor-Chandler bout would occur towards the end of 2024.

Adding to the uncertainty are rumors of the UFC potentially postponing the fight due to contract disputes and unsuccessful renegotiations between the organization and McGregor, its top asset.

Conor McGregor

These developments have added further intrigue and speculation within the MMA community about McGregor’s future and the timing of his return to the Octagon.

Conor McGregor had maintained a record of never pulling out of a fight until his withdrawal from UFC 303 due to injury, prompting fans to question the news.

In a recent interview with Jim Rome, Dana White clarified that McGregor indeed suffered an injury, refuting speculation that McGregor was attempting to renegotiate his contract after signing it.

White’s statements aimed to dispel rumors and provide clarity on McGregor’s situation regarding his injury and contractual obligations with the UFC.

The UFC President stated that McGregor had never tried to be shady with these things.

“Conor McGregor never leads up to a fight and tries to re-negotiate a contract or get more money….Conor McGregor is hurt right now, it’s absolutely real.”

Dana White has publicly praised Conor McGregor for being a reliable business partner who consistently honors his commitments.

White’s admiration for McGregor stems from his trustworthiness and professionalism, qualities that White values highly in their working relationship within the UFC.

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