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Uncle Howdy’s Return to WWE: Could Liv Morgan Be His Next Target?

Uncle Howdy and Alexa Bliss (Via WWE/Twitter)

The WWE Universe is abuzz with anticipation for Uncle Howdy’s rumored return to WWE, and speculation is rife about his potential target. One name that has emerged as a strong contender is Liv Morgan, the current WWE Women’s World Champion.

Uncle Howdy, who is associated with the Wyatt 6 faction, has sent several messages in recent months, and fans believe that this week could see his return. Morgan, who has been making waves on RAW as a major star, could be his next target, as she has no match this weekend at Clash at the Castle.

Interestingly, Morgan was previously linked to The Fiend, another member of Wyatt 6. Fans had noticed a resemblance between Morgan and the creepy doll that The Fiend used to terrorize his opponents. However, he never took her in the same way as he did with Alexa Bliss. Nonetheless, Morgan’s current status as a top star in WWE could be tempting for Uncle Howdy.

Several clues have emerged in recent weeks, with June 15th and 17th emerging as significant dates. The Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event will take place on June 15th, followed by WWE RAW two days later. It is unclear why these dates are significant, but they could be related to Uncle Howdy and Wyatt 6’s plans.

Uncle Howdy (Via WWE/Twitter)

To make an impact on WWE TV, Uncle Howdy needs a female accomplice. Although there were rumors of Alexa Bliss returning, recent reports suggest otherwise. Nikki Cross has been rumored to be a member of Wyatt 6, but targeting Morgan could be a game-changer for Howdy and his faction.

Morgan has been delivering impressive performances in the ring and has shown remarkable improvement in her promo skills. Targeting her would immediately push Uncle Howdy and Wyatt 6 into the spotlight, allowing Morgan to showcase her versatile acting chops.

Uncle Howdy’s rumored return to WWE has created a lot of buzz, and fans are eagerly waiting to see if Morgan will be his next target.

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