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Cathy Kelley’s Father’s Day Message to Rey Mysterio: Dominik Mysterio’s Disrespectful Past

Cathy Kelley; Jester and McIntyre (Via WWE/Twitter)

On June 16, 2024, WWE interviewer Cathy Kelley shared a heartfelt tweet, wishing Rey Mysterio a happy Father’s Day, suggesting that Dominik Mysterio might not have done the same. The father and son have had a complicated relationship, with Dominik publicly disrespecting Rey on multiple occasions.

Last year, Dominik walked out of his father’s WWE Hall of Fame induction speech, a significant act of disrespect. Rey retaliated by defeating Dominik in a WrestleMania match. In the past, Dominik had criticized his father in an interview, stating that Rey was “washed” and didn’t have the courage to face him in the ring. Dominik believed that Rey didn’t want to fight him due to his inadequacies.

WWE Show (Via WWE/Twitter)

After Dominik’s harsh words, Rey finally decided to take action when his son disrespected his mother in a SmackDown episode. Rey accepted his son’s WrestleMania challenge, and the two faced off in a historic match.

Throughout the years, Dominik has publicly berated and disrespected Rey Mysterio, creating tension between the two. This strained relationship was highlighted when Cathy Kelley’s Father’s Day tweet pointed out the possible absence of a Father’s Day message from Dominik to his father. The tweet emphasized the conflict between Rey and Dominik, while Cathy Kelley took the opportunity to express her appreciation for Rey on his special day.

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