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The Hidden Significance of CM Punk’s Interference in the Drew McIntyre-Damian Priest Match at WWE Clash at the Castle

CM Punk (Via WWE/Twitter)

The WWE Clash at the Castle witnessed a shocking turn of events as CM Punk interfered in the World Heavyweight Championship match between Drew McIntyre and Damian Priest, costing the Scottish Warrior his title opportunity. This article delves into the potential reasons why the creative team planned this interference, with a focus on long-term booking, protecting McIntyre, Triple H’s masterplan for Damian Priest, and the implications for Money in the Bank.

Firstly, the long-term booking strategy in the Triple H era has been emphasizing multiple storylines. CM Punk and Drew McIntyre’s feud is a testament to this, with McIntyre’s frustration building up since Punk’s return at Survivor Series. Punk’s interference aligns with their history, creating a justification for McIntyre’s defeat and reinforcing the Scotsman’s heel gimmick.

Secondly, the loss in Glasgow, Scotland, was protected by having CM Punk cost McIntyre, ensuring that the former champion does not suffer a significant blow to his credibility. Punk’s interference led WWE fans to question a possible championship rivalry between McIntyre and Punk.

Thirdly, Triple H’s masterplan for Damian Priest revolves around building the top titleholder as a dominant threat to the red brand while successfully retaining the championship. This strategy allows the creative team to generate more intriguing feuds and boost Priest’s championship reign.

CM Punk and Drew McIntyre (Via WWE/Twitter)

A potential breakup in The Judgment Day may result from the CM Punk angle, given the tentative dynamics within the heel stable. Triple H may have opted for this storyline to save the title from changing hands at Clash at the Castle and introduce a much-awaited championship rivalry between Damian Priest and Finn Balor on WWE RAW.

Lastly, the Money in the Bank (MITB) event is on the horizon, and CM Punk’s actions at Clash at the Castle have sparked a renewed interest in the MITB contenders. Drew McIntyre may pursue the MITB briefcase, aiming for another title match, while Finn Balor might win the contract, adding fuel to the growing tension within The Judgment Day.

CM Punk’s interference in the World Heavyweight Championship match represents a deeper strategy by the creative team to protect Drew McIntyre’s credibility, build toward Triple H’s vision for Damian Priest, and create anticipation for the Money in the Bank event. These carefully planned moves demonstrate the value of a long-term booking strategy, promising an intriguing road ahead for WWE fans.

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