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MVP’s Vision for The Hurt Business: Including Bianca Belair, Naomi, and Ricochet

Bianca Belair (Via WWE/Twitter)

The Hurt Business, a popular faction on WWE’s Monday Night RAW, was created by MVP with the aim to boost several stars in the promotion. During a recent interview, MVP revealed that he had discussed bringing Bianca Belair or Naomi into the group. The faction was initially a hit among fans, with each member having a distinct role that led to their success on Monday Night RAW during the ThunderDome Era.

MVP had also considered involving Ricochet in the faction. When The Hurt Business was being formed, MVP advocated for both Cedric Alexander and Ricochet. However, they were given just one option, and the group selected Cedric since they felt he needed their assistance more than Ricochet did. The Hurt Business transformed Bobby Lashley and Cedric Alexander’s careers on the WWE’s main roster.

Naomi (Via WWE/Twitter)

Unfortunately, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander’s partnership was short-lived, and MVP’s vision of both stars in the faction was never realized. With Ricochet’s departure from WWE, fans can only speculate about his future endeavors. MVP’s ideal formation of The Hurt Business comprised various stars, some of which the WWE had other plans for. Though MVP’s vision never fully materialized, The Hurt Business remains an influential part of WWE’s recent history.

MVP had discussed bringing Bianca Belair or Naomi into The Hurt Business, but there was only one spot for a female star in the faction, and the management had other plans for both female stars. MVP’s vision for the group was never fully realized, but his efforts to boost several stars in the promotion were successful. The Hurt Business was an organic hit among fans and led the company to award them with championship gold. Despite the group’s disbandment, the impact they had on the WWE’s main roster remains significant.

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