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Unscripted WWE Moments: AJ Styles’ Mishap and The Rock’s Surprise Return

The Rock (Via WWE/Twitter)

In WWE, Superstars go to great lengths to entertain fans both on live TV and behind the scenes. There have been instances where these larger-than-life personalities have been caught off-camera, giving fans a Look into their unscripted moments.

In a memorable incident from 2016, during a feud for the WWE Championship between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose (now known as Jon Moxley), an unexpected mishap occurred on an episode of SmackDown. Styles attempted to intervene in Ambrose’s match against Baron Corbin by delivering his signature move, the Phenomenal Forearm.

However, Ambrose managed to counter the move, causing Styles to get stuck between the ropes. Despite the unplanned situation, Styles stayed in character, selling his “injury” even during the post-show dark match. Fellow Superstars John Cena, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns joined in the fun, playing along with Styles and adding to the off-camera entertainment.

AJ Styles (Via WWE/Twitter)

Another off-camera moment worth noting took place in 2017 when The Rock made a surprise return to WWE after RAW had already gone off the air. As the crowd erupted with excitement, chanting for former WWE star CM Punk, The Rock decided to dial Punk’s number, referring to him as the “Best in the World.” Although Punk did not answer the call, the interaction created a memorable and engaging moment for the audience.

These instances offer a unique behind-the-scenes look at WWE Superstars when they are not in the spotlight, showcasing their ability to improvise and entertain even when the cameras are not rolling. With unpredictability being a hallmark of live entertainment, these off-camera moments add an extra layer of excitement for fans who get to see a different side of their favorite wrestlers.

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