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Damian Priest Inquires About Dominik Mysterio’s Controversy with Liv Morgan on RAW

Damian Priest (Via WWE/Twitter)

Dominik Mysterio found himself embroiled in a new controversy on RAW alongside Liv Morgan, prompting curiosity about Rhea Ripley’s stance on the issue. Damian Priest, seeking clarity, directly approached Mysterio to address the situation, shedding some light on the matter.

During the RAW episode, Morgan confronted Mysterio, leaving him speechless in the face of her intimidating proximity. Finn Balor intervened to rescue Mysterio from the uncomfortable encounter, as Morgan’s actions heightened his unease by stroking his hair before Balor’s intervention.

Following the incident, Mysterio encountered Priest backstage, where the World Heavyweight Champion pressed him for insights into the ongoing situation and inquired about Ripley’s perspective on the matter. Mysterio assured Priest that things were fine between him and Ripley, emphasizing that he was giving her space

Dominik Mysterio (Via WWE/Twitter)

Despite Priest’s concerns about the situation, he expressed hope that everything would resolve amicably between Mysterio and Ripley. Subsequently, Priest shifted his focus, leaving Mysterio feeling somewhat awkward in the aftermath of their conversation.

While tensions simmer within The Judgment Day faction, Priest has played a pivotal role in maintaining cohesion in Ripley’s absence. Juggling leadership responsibilities within the group and the title picture, Priest navigates the challenges, aiming to uphold unity amidst the internal strife. The group’s future hangs in the balance, awaiting Ripley’s return and the resolution of the unfolding dynamics between Mysterio and Morgan.

As fans eagerly anticipate developments within the faction, uncertainty looms over its sustainability until Ripley’s eventual comeback, raising questions about her reaction to the ongoing saga involving Mysterio and Morgan on RAW.

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