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Matt Cardona Strips Blake Christian of GCW Title, Mance Warner Emerges Victorious in Chaotic Turn of Events

WWE fans (Via WWE/Twitter)

In a dramatic turn of events in the wrestling world, Matt Cardona, the General Manager of GCW, took a firm stand by stripping Blake Christian of the GCW World Champion title for not showing up to face Joey Janela. This decision came as Cardona’s way of asserting authority in the promotion, setting a tone for how things are to be run under his management. The title vacancy led to a series of unexpected events during the GCW Cage of Survival 3 event.

During the Gauntlet of Survival match at the event, Joey Janela, initially set to enter last, was unable to compete after being attacked at the hotel. This turn of events allowed Charles Mason to emerge victorious in the gauntlet. However, Nick Gage took advantage of the situation, inserted himself into the match, and ultimately clinched the title, adding a new layer of chaos to the unfolding drama.

Matt Cardona (Via WWE/Twitter)

The turmoil escalated further when Cardona, displeased with Gage’s involvement, included Broski Jimmy in the match. Despite Jimmy’s victory, a battered Janela made a surprising comeback, securing a win before the event concluded. The chaos continued as Cole Radrick attempted to capitalize on the confusion by challenging for the title shot, only to be thwarted by Steph De Lander, who intervened with a decisive move on Radrick.

Amidst the frenzy, Mance Warner seized the opportunity to capitalize on the unfolding chaos. He delivered a decisive DDT on Janela, clinching the GCW World Champion title in a whirlwind of unexpected outcomes. As Warner celebrated his victory alongside De Lander, fans were left eagerly anticipating Cardona’s response to the chaotic sequence of events and speculating on potential repercussions for the wrestlers involved in the tumultuous finish.

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