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Andrade’s WWE Return and Career Progression Analysis

Andrade (Via WWE/Twitter)

In 2024, Andrade made a surprising comeback to WWE during the Royal Rumble, leaving AEW to rejoin the Stamford-based promotion. Expectations were high for his career, but his trajectory hasn’t soared as anticipated. Post-Rumble, he engaged in a brief storyline with Dominik Mysterio, eventually teaming up with Rey Mysterio to defeat Dominik and Santos Escobar at WrestleMania. Despite this victory, Andrade seems stuck in the mid-card scene, leaving fans feeling he’s underutilized by WWE, especially after his mysterytic post on social media. However, there might be more to his situation than meets the eye.

Amid fan speculation that Andrade may regret his WWE return and pine for past successes in other promotions, his social media posts could simply be a way to showcase his accomplishments and capabilities across different platforms.

Santos Escobar and Dominik Mysterio on SmackDown (Via WWE/Twitter)

Currently embroiled in a new narrative alongside Santos Escobar and Legado Del Fantasma, which unexpectedly involves Apollo Crews, Andrade is portrayed as a valuable target for the faction, particularly after his recent heel turn. Despite Legado Del Fantasma’s failed attempt to recruit Andrade on SmackDown, Escobar remains optimistic about securing his allegiance, hinting at a potential shift in their rivalry dynamics.

The ongoing saga promises intriguing developments, with Andrade facing challenges alone as L.W.O. grapples with internal issues on RAW. With a looming battle ahead, the Mexican superstar navigates the turbulent waters of faction rivalries and personal aspirations within the WWE terrain. As the storyline unfolds, Andrade’s journey within the promotion takes unexpected twists and turns, keeping fans on the edge of their seats with anticipation for what lies ahead in his wrestling career.

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