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Refusing to Remove WWE Title from John Cena: Mark Henry’s Revelation

John Cena (Via WWE/Twitter)

The wrestling world was abuzz when Hall of Famer Mark Henry shared his refusal to strip John Cena of the WWE Title, a decision prompted by Vince McMahon. In a reminiscent move, AJ Styles recreated Henry’s 2013 staged retirement, where Henry ambushed Cena, exposing the charade. Styles mirrored this act on the latest SmackDown episode against Cody Rhodes, the reigning WWE Champion.

During a recent segment on Busted Open, the former World Heavyweight Champion shed light on McMahon’s proposal for him to dethrone Cena post his ‘retirement’ speech on RAW, a proposition Henry outright declined. Citing physical discomfort and the immense pressure attached to being the face of the company, Henry acknowledged the strenuous demands that came with holding the prestigious WWE Championship.

John Cena (Via WWE/Twitter)

The narrative unfolded further as Henry and Cena clashed in a WWE Title showdown at Money in the Bank 2013, following Henry’s assault on Cena on RAW. Despite a fierce battle lasting nearly 15 minutes, Henry fell short of claiming the championship, succumbing to Cena’s STF submission hold, allowing Cena to retain his title.

Post the intense match, Henry graciously acknowledged Cena’s victory and proposed a rematch at SummerSlam 2013. However, a surprising twist unfolded as The Shield intervened instead of Cena, launching a brutal attack on Henry. This unexpected turn transformed Henry into a fan favorite, marking a significant shift in his wrestling persona. The dynamic between Henry and Cena added a layer of complexity and intrigue to their rivalry, leaving fans eager to witness their next showdown.

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