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Former AEW Stars Making Waves in WWE and Potential Signings from Tony Khan’s Promotion

WWE SmackDown and AEW Show

In the past year, several former AEW talents have made the switch to WWE, sparking interest and speculation in the wrestling world. One such talent is Ricky Starks, a former AEW World Tag Team Champion who has been with Tony Khan’s promotion since 2020. However, Starks has been absent from competition since March this year, leading to discussions about his future in the industry. Wrestling veteran Matt Morgan shared his thoughts on a podcast, suggesting that WWE should consider signing the 34-year-old wrestler when his contract with AEW expires.

Morgan highlighted the potential benefits for both WWE and Starks if such a move were to happen. He praised Starks for his hard work and continuous improvement in all aspects of his wrestling skills, expressing belief that Starks could achieve more in WWE compared to his current stint in AEW. Describing Starks as charismatic and a self-proclaimed star, Morgan emphasized the value Starks could bring to WWE and expressed hope that the company would pursue signing him.

Cody Rhodes (Via WWE/Twitter)

The idea of Cody Rhodes, current Undisputed WWE Champion and a close friend of Starks, using his influence to advocate for Starks joining WWE was also discussed. Wrestling veteran Francine raised the possibility of Rhodes leveraging his connections within the industry to facilitate Starks’ transition to WWE, highlighting the potential impact of such a move. With former AEW talents like Jade Cargill and Ethan Page already making moves to WWE, the speculation around Starks potentially following suit continues to grow.

The wrestling community remains intrigued by the prospect of Starks making a switch to WWE after his time with AEW, prompting discussions and debates among fans and experts. As the terrain of professional wrestling evolves, the movement of talents between major promotions like AEW and WWE adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the industry. Whether Starks will indeed make the leap to WWE post his AEW contract expiration remains uncertain, leaving fans eager to see how the situation unfolds.

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