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Becky Lynch’s Future After WWE Contract Expiry

Becky Lynch (Via WWE/Twitter)

Becky Lynch, a prominent figure in the wrestling world, transitioned into a free agent status on June 1st following the expiration of her WWE contract. The anticipation around her next career move heightened as she gracefully relinquished the Women’s World Championship to Liv Morgan at the King and Queen of the Ring event. Subsequently, she faced defeat against Morgan in a Steel Cage match on Monday Night RAW, hinting at a potential hiatus through a cryptic social media post.

Amidst widespread speculation among fans regarding Lynch’s future, seasoned wrestler Matt Morgan shared his insights on her potential trajectory. In an episode of the Gigantic Pop podcast, the former TNA star expressed his belief that Lynch would likely rejoin WWE. Morgan emphasized the possibility of Lynch venturing into other domains such as Hollywood projects and book tours, underscoring his skepticism towards her alignment with Tony Khan’s AEW promotion.

Becky Lynch (Via WWE/Twitter)

Echoing Morgan’s sentiments, former RAW Talk host, Matt Camp, also delved into Lynch’s future prospects on The Wrestling Matt Show podcast. Camp echoed the sentiment that Lynch is unlikely to make a move to AEW. He postulated that Lynch might opt for a break from wrestling to focus on her family, highlighting the chance of expanding her family with husband Seth Rollins as a plausible avenue for her future endeavors.

With Seth Rollins recently renewing his contract with WWE, speculations arise on whether Lynch will follow suit upon her return to the wrestling scene. The dynamics of their career decisions and personal priorities add an intriguing layer to the narrative surrounding Lynch’s next career move. As fans eagerly await updates on Lynch’s professional journey, the wrestling community remains abuzz with discussions and predictions regarding her forthcoming decisions.

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