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WWE Smackdown Star Carmelo Hayes’ Mic Mistake And Subsequent Social Media Blunder

Carmelo Hayes (Via WWE/Twitter)

The May 31, 2024, episode of WWE SmackDown featured an unexpected turn when Carmelo Hayes, a typically confident WWE Superstar, stumbled during a verbal altercation with LA Knight on screen. Hayes, known for his mic skills, took on Knight in a backstage interview but failed to land his verbal jabs effectively, leading to Knight turning the tables on him.

Despite his error on live TV, Carmelo Hayes, in a rare moment of vulnerability, acknowledged his mistake on social media, tweeting, “Oops I got a name mixed up on Live Tv. Maybe I should ‘Go bACk To nXT’ 🤡.” This candid admission showcased a different side of Hayes, one willing to laugh at himself and his missteps, even using a clown face emoji to emphasize his point.

While the incident may have momentarily dimmed Carmelo Hayes’ usual bravado, it did not deter him from maintaining his ambitious outlook. Hayes, a rising star in the WWE SmackDown roster, hinted at potential future moves and developments, sending a cryptic message to his fellow wrestlers on the blue brand about his upcoming plans and strategies for SmackDown.

Carmelo Hayes (Via WWE)

Carmelo Hayes, who recently transitioned from NXT to SmackDown, has been making waves with his bold actions and words. Despite facing setbacks like his verbal misstep with LA Knight, Hayes remains focused on his long-term goals. He even teased the SmackDown locker room about his impending actions, suggesting that significant changes are on the horizon.

In a bold move, Carmelo Hayes shared a fan edit showcasing his achievements in NXT, hinting at his aspirations for championship contention on SmackDown. With a promising career trajectory and a hunger for success, Hayes is determined to make his mark on the blue brand, aiming to secure a championship belt and solidify his position as a formidable force in WWE SmackDown’s competitive terrain.

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