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WWE Legends Who Could Return For One Last Match

WWE Headquarters (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE has a rich history of legendary wrestlers who have contributed to its status as the powerhouse of Sports Entertainment that it is today. Icons like Bruno Sammartino, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and John Cena have left an indelible mark on the industry, shaping the company into what fans cherish today.

One standout figure in WWE’s history is Stone Cold Steve Austin, arguably the most iconic pro wrestler in the company’s legacy. Despite a relatively brief tenure as a top star, Austin played a pivotal role in propelling the promotion to new heights during a challenging period, revitalizing it from a wrestling downturn in the past.

After retiring from wrestling in 2003, Austin made sporadic appearances but refrained from competing until WrestleMania 38, where he faced Kevin Owens in a match that exceeded fan expectations, considering Austin’s hiatus and age.

Fans eagerly anticipate the possibility of Austin’s return for one final match, speculating on potential opponents. Several performers have been suggested as viable candidates for a match against Austin in what could be his ultimate return to the ring.

Triple H (Via WWE/Twitter)

One potential match could involve Logan Paul, a polarizing figure in wrestling known for his divisive persona and in-ring prowess. Despite the controversy surrounding him, Paul’s credibility as a United States Champion and his ability to generate buzz in WWE could set the stage for an engaging showdown with Austin.

Another contender is CM Punk, a controversial figure with a tumultuous history in wrestling, who has expressed a longstanding desire to face off against Austin. Their contrasting personas and styles could create an intriguing dynamic and a compelling storyline for fans to enjoy.

Roman Reigns, a top-tier star in WWE today, stands out as a formidable opponent for Austin, given his status as a main-event mainstay and his widespread popularity. A clash between Reigns and Austin could offer a blend of star power and in-ring intensity, appealing to a broad audience of wrestling enthusiasts.

Lastly, Cody Rhodes emerges as a potential adversary for Austin, bringing a different dynamic to the table with their contrasting characters and wrestling styles. Rhodes’ reputation as a dedicated full-time performer could complement Austin’s legendary status, promising an engaging matchup reminiscent of classic wrestling rivalries.

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