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The Importance of Kevin Owens Winning Money in the Bank Contract in WWE

Austin Theory, Kevin Owens, and Randy Orton on SmackDown (Via WWE/Twitter)

The Money in the Bank Premium Live Event is a significant annual spectacle for WWE, set to take place in Toronto, Canada this year. Among the deserving names, Kevin Owens stands out as a potential winner of the Men’s Money in the Bank contract. However, for this event to truly make an impact, a major swerve involving a top babyface on the roster is necessary. Owens, a former WWE champion on SmackDown, needs to turn heel and secure his first World Title in eight years by winning the 2024 Money in the Bank briefcase.

To revitalize his career, Kevin Owens must undergo a character transformation by turning heel and claiming a World Title. His recent babyface run has not yielded the desired results, with repetitive storylines and stagnant progress hindering his success. Owens’ history as a successful heel suggests that this change could reignite his career and propel him back into the main event scene, reestablishing his dominance in the men’s division.

Kevin Owens At WWE Event (Via WWE/Twitter)

Ending his World title-winning drought is another crucial reason for Owens to turn heel. Since losing the Universal Championship in 2017, he has been unable to reclaim a top title, signaling a concerning trend in his career. By winning the Men’s Money in the Bank briefcase, Owens could break this dry spell and potentially secure his first World Title in almost a decade, enhancing his legacy in WWE.

Establishing credibility through a Money in the Bank victory is essential for Kevin Owens, who has faced setbacks and doubts about his character due to recent losses. Turning heel and winning the contract would not only restore his momentum but also position him as a formidable threat to champions across both brands. This strategic move would not only boost Owens’ status but also open doors to exciting matchups and opportunities at the pinnacle of WWE.

Kevin Owens winning the Men’s Money in the Bank briefcase at the upcoming event in Toronto is crucial for his career and the WWE terrain. By embracing a heel persona, ending his title drought, and solidifying his credibility, Owens has the potential to reshape the trajectory of his career and establish himself as a dominant force in professional wrestling.

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