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Massive Betrayal by AJ Styles Sparks Strong Reactions from WWE Stars

AJ Styles (Via WWE/Twitter)

Tonight on SmackDown, AJ Styles shocked the WWE universe with a massive betrayal that left fans and fellow wrestlers reeling. Karrion Kross, one of the first to react, took to social media to express his surprise and amusement at Styles’ actions. Since his return from injury, Styles has been showcasing a darker, more ruthless side of himself, breaking away from former alliances like The O.C. during his intense feud with LA Knight.

In his quest to capture the Undisputed WWE Championship, Styles has been relentless, willing to do whatever it takes to secure the title. Despite a recent setback at Backlash against Cody Rhodes, Styles refused to back down. Last week, he made a desperate plea to Nick Aldis for another title shot, only to be turned down, further fueling his determination.

Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles (Via WWE/Twitter)

Leading up to the shocking betrayal, The Phenomenal One hinted at retirement throughout the night, garnering sympathy and support from his peers. Even LA Knight extended a gesture of goodwill by shaking hands with Styles before the pivotal moment. However, a tense encounter with Cody Rhodes backstage hinted at the impending chaos. When Styles took to the ring and announced his departure, emotions ran high as he shared a poignant moment with Cody, only to turn on him in a brutal assault while The Good Brothers obstructed any intervention by officials.

The aftermath of Styles’ ruthless actions reverberated online, with Karrion Kross offering a cryptic yet telling response on social media. In a simple yet loaded tweet, Kross expressed his amusement at the unfolding drama, hinting at Styles’ relentless pursuit of championship glory and his willingness to cross any line to secure another shot at the coveted title. The WWE universe is left in suspense, wondering what drastic measures Styles will take next in his quest for wrestling supremacy.

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