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WWE Superstar Dijak Still Awaiting RAW Debut Amid Social Media Trolling

WWE RAW Ring (Via WWE/Twitter)

The recent WWE Draft saw many developmental stars move up to the main roster, with some already getting significant matches on RAW. However, there are still superstars, like the 37-year-old Dijak, who have yet to make their debut on the red brand. Despite being drafted, Dijak has not appeared on any Monday Night shows, prompting social media trolls questioning his status as a bench warmer.

Dijak, a highly anticipated star from the developmental brand, has experience on both RAW and SmackDown in the past. This time around, fans are eagerly awaiting his RAW debut, especially after a recent social media jab at him for his absence. One fan even equated him with another WWE star, Odyssey Jones, who also has yet to make a RAW appearance post-draft.

In response to the social media criticism, Dijak didn’t stay silent and hit back at the user, emphasizing the unpredictability of WWE booking decisions. Despite the delay in his RAW debut, there may be strategic reasons behind keeping Dijak off the show as the company navigates the complexities of introducing new talent amidst established storylines.

Dijak (Via WWE/Twitter)

Dijak’s absence on RAW raises concerns among fans and himself, but it may be a deliberate move by WWE to ensure a successful launch for him. Being one of the most talented wrestlers in the WWE locker room, Dijak carries the weight of expectation, complicating his introduction to the red brand. To avoid missteps, WWE and RAW General Manager Adam Pearce may be carefully planning Dijak’s debut to integrate him smoothly and uniquely into the current roster dynamics.

As fans eagerly anticipate Dijak’s first match on RAW, the company faces the challenge of balancing his success without overshadowing existing top stars. The unfolding trajectory of Dijak’s career on the red brand promises an intriguing storyline as he prepares to step into the ring and make his mark in the highly competitive world of WWE.

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