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Ric Flair’s Insights on the Generous Pay of Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen in the 80s

Ric Flair (Via WWE/Twitter)

Ric Flair, a wrestling legend, sheds light on the substantial earnings of Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen during the 80s. While Flair himself was a top earner in WCW and WWE, he disclosed that Brody and Hansen were making a staggering $25,000 per week while wrestling in Japan. The duo formed a formidable tag team in All Japan Pro Wrestling, enjoying the status of dominant stars. Despite Flair’s prestigious position as a world champion, his earnings in Japan fell short compared to the remarkable paychecks of Brody and Hansen.

During an interview on Busted Open Radio, Ric Flair reminisced about his time working alongside Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen in Japan. Reflecting on their earnings, Flair highlighted the stark disparity in their weekly incomes, emphasizing the financial prowess of his fellow wrestlers. He acknowledged the professionalism of Brody and Hansen, underscoring their commitment to the craft without resorting to causing harm to their opponents. Flair expressed admiration for their work ethic and ability to charm audiences without compromising on safety.

Ric Flair At the WWE Event (Via WWE/Twitter)

In Japan, Ric Flair gleaned valuable lessons from seasoned veterans like Bruiser Brody, despite the latter’s intimidating reputation in the ring. Contrary to the concerns of some wrestlers, Flair found the experience of working with Brody enriching and professionally rewarding. He appreciated Brody’s respect for their craft and emphasized the mutual understanding they shared during their matches. Despite initial apprehensions about facing Brody in the ring, Flair discovered a collaborative and respectful dynamic that enhanced his wrestling experience.

Bruiser Brody’s legacy extends beyond his in-ring prowess, as evidenced by his three-time NWA International Heavyweight Champion title and posthumous induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019. His contributions to the wrestling world continue to be celebrated, with his impact on the sport enduring through generations of fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Ric Flair’s revelations offer a look into the dynamic wrestling terrain of the 80s, showcasing the camaraderie and professionalism that defined the era.

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