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Chairman’s Club: Shawn Spears Enjoys Solo Locker Room Luxury in NXT

Shawn Spears (Via WWE/Twitter)

In WWE, locker rooms are typically shared spaces among the stars, with separate areas for male and female wrestlers. However, exceptions exist for champions and factions who may have their dedicated rooms. Recently, Shawn Spears, a 43-year-old WWE star who returned from AEW, revealed that he enjoys the luxury of having his exclusive locker room within the company.

Having made a name for himself as the “Chairman” during his stint in Tony Khan’s AEW, Spears has successfully transitioned back to WWE, particularly making a notable impact in NXT. Despite not competing in matches recently, his presence remains significant, as demonstrated by his appearances on NXT episodes, where he offers insights and guidance to the younger talents in the promotion.

WWE Headquarters (Via WWE/Twitter)

When asked about his presence in the NXT locker room, Spears nonchalantly disclosed that he occupies his own dressing room, emphasizing his solitude accompanied by his cherished chairs, which align with his persona as the Chairman. The rationale behind his unique setup, exclusive to him and his chairs, remains a mystery, sparking curiosity among fans and peers alike.

Moreover, Shawn Spears expressed delight at the arrival of Ethan Page, a former AEW colleague, to WWE. Page’s debut on NXT garnered attention, with Spears publicly expressing his approval of the newcomer. As Page sets his sights on potential title opportunities within NXT, the prospect of an encounter between him and Spears looms, adding an intriguing dynamic to the evolving terrain of WWE.

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