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“Booker T’s Insights: MJF’s AEW Commitment and Darby Allin’s Risky Style”

Booker T (Via WWE/Twitter)

Booker T, a WWE Hall of Famer, recently shared his thoughts on AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) opting to continue with AEW instead of making a move to WWE. Despite MJF’s current commitment to AEW, Booker T speculated that a transition to WWE could be a possibility in the future if circumstances align favorably. The wrestling icon acknowledged MJF’s recent return to AEW TV at Double or Nothing, where he made a dramatic comeback by attacking Adam Cole and delivering a heartfelt speech in support of the company.

During a discussion on the Hall of Fame podcast with Brad Gilmore, Booker T expressed his understanding of MJF’s decision to secure a substantial contract with AEW while also expressing his hope that the talented star might consider joining WWE down the line.

Booker T (Via WWE/Twitter)

Booker T emphasized the importance of respecting MJF’s choices regarding his career and family, highlighting that despite personal preferences, one must acknowledge and support the decisions made by individuals in the wrestling industry.

Reflecting on MJF’s potential future endeavors, Booker T extended his best wishes to the rising star, emphasizing his eagerness to witness MJF’s progression in the wrestling business due to his immense talent and promising future. Furthermore, in a separate episode of the podcast, Booker T shared his reservations about Darby Allin’s wrestling style and finishing move, expressing concerns for the well-being of young wrestlers like Allin in the industry. Acknowledging the evolution of wrestling and the risks involved, Booker T revealed his initial reaction to witnessing Allin’s high-flying moves and unique wrestling approach, showcasing a blend of admiration and apprehension for the younger generation of talent in the wrestling world.

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