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The Prince’s Gambit: Why Finn Balor Needs to Win Money in the Bank

Damian Priest and Finn Balor (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE is gearing up for the highly anticipated Money in the Bank Premium Live Event in Toronto, Canada, this July. The event promises intense Ladder Matches where RAW and SmackDown’s top superstars will vie for the prestigious MITB contract, ensuring a shot at the championship.

Finn Balor emerges as a prime contender to secure the coveted contract, aiming to rectify the setbacks he faced during his main roster tenure. Despite delivering remarkable performances on RAW, Balor has often found himself on the losing end post-WrestleMania, notably failing to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. His current role in The Judgment Day storyline further underscores the need for a significant push up the ranks.

Reason #1: Finn Balor Finally Wins Big!
Balor’s consistent underutilization on the red brand necessitates a push towards higher prominence. Claiming the Money in the Bank contract could boost his status, injecting fresh momentum into his character and potentially steering him towards a compelling heel trajectory.

Triple H at WWE Event (Via WWE/Twitter)

Reason #2: Massive Change in The Judgment Day Dynamics
Within The Judgment Day faction, tensions escalate, particularly between Damian Priest and Balor. With Priest holding the World Heavyweight Championship, Balor’s possession of the MITB briefcase adds an intriguing layer of conflict and unpredictability, laying the groundwork for potential betrayals and power shifts.

Reason #3: Secret Plan with Liv Morgan on WWE RAW
Speculation mounts around Balor’s clandestine collaboration with Liv Morgan, hinting at strategic alliances within The Judgment Day. As Balor eyes Priest’s coveted title, aligning with Morgan could sow seeds of dissent within the faction, setting the stage for dramatic confrontations and power struggles.

Reason #4: Triple H Books Finn Balor for World Championship Glory
Balor’s tumultuous journey on the main roster underscores his unfulfilled potential, contrasting starkly with his successful NXT stints under Triple H’s guidance. A decisive Money in the Bank victory could pave the way for Balor’s long-awaited ascent to the World Heavyweight Championship, offering redemption and a chance to reclaim his former glory in WWE.

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