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The Boys’ Stars Discuss the Show’s Viral Success and Tease Season 4

Homelander and Ryan (Via The Boys)

“The Boys,” a hit series on Prime Video, has become known for its sharp satire of modern life, its realistic portrayal of flawed superheroes, and its incredible meme potential. The show’s stars, Antony Starr (Homelander) and Chace Crawford (The Deep), recently discussed their characters’ viral moments and the upcoming fourth season in an interview with The Movie Podcast.

Antony Starr and Chace Crawford have seen their characters become meme sensations. Starr, in a light-hearted moment, joked about the potential to monetize memes: “We’ve gotta monetize memes! I’d have about 20 bucks by now.” This humor underscores how their roles have struck a chord with fans, generating a plethora of online content.

Chace Crawford delved into The Deep’s infamous meme moments, particularly focusing on ‘The Deep Rejoins the Seven.’ This meme stems from a scene where The Deep, amid scandalous allegations, returns to his superhero group. Crawford highlighted several iconic moments, including The Deep’s failed dolphin rescue in Season 1 and his bizarre octopus relationship in Season 3. Discussing the ‘Rejoining the Seven’ meme, Crawford said, “That’s so funny, there were all sorts of different stuff, like Mark Wahlberg in a movie or something. I mean, people are sending that to me left and right, which is so funny. So that was one of the biggest.”

Reflecting on the impact of these viral moments, Crawford channeled his character’s comedic style, appreciating the boost it gives the show. “Obviously, the virality of social media is great,” he said, humorously questioning if ‘virality’ is a real word.

Black Noir and The Deep (Via The Boys)

As they teased Season 4, the actors revisited the shocking finale of Season 3, where Homelander kills a Starlight supporter with his laser vision, only to be met with cheers from his fanbase. Starr noted, “The moment at the end which has become memed quite a lot is that ‘oh, sh*t. I’m getting away [with it].’ They’re clapping. They like it. Oh wow, I got away with it.” He hinted that Season 4 will explore how far Homelander can push his newfound freedom: “What does it mean? What does the opening of that door mean, as we walk through it? And how far can we take this?”

The anticipation for “The Boys” Season 4 is high, with fans eager to see the ongoing clash between Vought’s superheroes and the vigilante team led by Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and Hughie (Jack Quaid). The latest trailer teases a turning point in the war as the Boys discover a new virus capable of killing superheroes.

As “The Boys” gears up for its fourth season, the excitement is palpable. The show’s viral success continues to engage and entertain fans, promising another season filled with intense action, dark humor, and more meme-worthy moments.

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