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The Blasian Baddie’s Time to Shine: 4 Reasons Michin Deserves the NXT Women’s North American Title

WWE Headquarters (Via WWE/Twitter)

About a month ago, WWE made a groundbreaking announcement introducing a brand new championship, marking the first time in the company’s history that a women’s mid-card title is in the works. Although it’s not the coveted Women’s Intercontinental Championship, the revelation has sparked intrigue among fans and wrestling enthusiasts alike.

NXT General Manager Ava revealed the Women’s North American Title during a recent episode of NXT, setting the stage for an upcoming Six-Woman Ladder Match to determine the inaugural champion. Among the qualified contenders is SmackDown’s Michin, who secured her spot by triumphing over Tatum Paxley in a recent NXT bout.

Numerous contenders are vying for the title, but Michin stands out as a prime candidate to clinch the prestigious first-ever Women’s North American Championship. This article delves into four compelling reasons why Michin, also known as The Blasian Baddie, deserves to be crowned the champion.

One key reason supporting Michin’s bid for the NXT Women’s North American Championship is her remarkable talent and underrated performance capabilities. Despite being occasionally overlooked by fans, Michin excels as an in-ring performer with a vibrant personality and commendable mic skills, as evidenced by her impressive match against IYO SKY earlier this year.

Michin in WWE (Via WWE)

Additionally, Michin’s tenure in WWE has been notable for her absence of any title reigns, despite her years of dedication and contribution to the company. Winning the Women’s North American Championship would not only break this title drought but could also propel her towards securing more gold in the future, further solidifying her legacy in the wrestling industry.

Having faced challenges on the main roster, particularly during her stint with the ill-fated RETRIBUTION stable, Michin has struggled to find her footing amidst creative setbacks and roster transitions. A return to NXT could provide her with the platform and opportunities she needs to reignite her career and showcase her full potential, away from the current stagnation on SmackDown.

Moreover, by bestowing the inaugural Women’s North American Championship upon Michin, WWE would add a layer of credibility and prestige to the newly established title. Given Michin’s exceptional talent, star power, and relentless work ethic, her championship win would instantly boost the significance of the title, echoing the impactful debuts of past champions like Ricochet and Seth Rollins.

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