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Finn Balor Mocks Dragon Lee’s Warning After RAW Encounter

Finn Balor and Verónica Rodriguez (Via WWE/Twitter)

Judgment Day member Finn Balor recently stirred the pot by responding to a stern warning from a 29-year-old WWE Superstar after an eventful episode of Monday Night RAW. During a match on the red brand, Balor blindsided the star, setting the stage for a social media exchange that caught the attention of fans.

On the recent RAW episode, Carlito found himself in a singles match against LWO member Rey Mysterio. Carlito’s aim was to distance himself from the LWO after being implicated in an attack on Dragon Lee before WrestleMania. Despite the tension, Carlito has been actively trying to mend fences with The Judgment Day, even going as far as assisting the group during their appearances on RAW. In a reciprocal gesture, Balor ambushed Dragon Lee during the match, further escalating the ongoing drama.

Finn Balor and Damian Priest of Judgment Day (Via WWE/Twitter)

Following the altercation, Dragon Lee took to social media to issue a warning to Balor, holding him accountable for his actions during their RAW showdown. In response, Balor took a cheeky jab at Lee, poking fun at his alleged lack of peripheral vision, adding a playful twist to the escalating tension between the two wrestlers.

Veteran wrestler Booker T also weighed in on Finn Balor’s career trajectory within WWE during a recent discussion on his podcast. Booker T commended Balor’s dedication and hard work, predicting that he would likely remain with the company until the end of his wrestling career. Booker T praised Balor’s recent performances, suggesting that the current version of Finn Balor is the best fans have ever witnessed.

As the feud between Balor and Lee continues to unfold, fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapters in their ongoing rivalry. With tensions running high both in and out of the ring, the dynamic between these two WWE Superstars promises to deliver thrilling confrontations and charming storytelling for the audience.

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