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WWE Star Braun Strowman Makes Triumphant Return To Raw Ring After 1 Year

Braun Strowman (Via WWE/Twitter)

On the recent episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, former Universal Champion Braun Strowman graced the ring in his first televised match in over a year. The last time fans saw him in action on the red brand was on May 1, 2023, where he and Ricochet emerged victorious against Alpha Academy in tag team competition. Strowman’s comeback match on RAW pitted him against JD McDonagh, a member of The Judgment Day faction.

During the intense bout, Strowman showcased his dominance by delivering a powerful slam to his opponent, with Finn Balor’s interference causing a momentary setback. Despite the hurdles, Strowman kept his focus, executing a series of impactful moves such as a corner chop and a running splash, asserting his authority in the ring.

Braun Strowman (Via WWE/Twitter)

The match took a dramatic turn when JD McDonagh cleverly tripped Strowman, leading to an unexpected stumble into the ring post. Undeterred, Strowman retaliated by sending JD crashing with a back-body drop, displaying his sheer strength and resilience. Balor’s interference continued, but Strowman remained unfazed, even tossing him into the ring before dealing with Carlito, who faced a forceful clothesline from the returning star.

Strowman’s determination shone through as he finished the match with a decisive powerslam on JD McDonagh, marking his victorious return after 393 days of absence from competitive WWE action. Post-match, Strowman faced a brutal assault from Judgment Day, yet he managed to rise above the onslaught and chase them backstage, leaving fans eager for more thrilling moments from the Monster Among Men in the future.

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