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Carmelo Hayes & Kelani Jordan Celebrate Love, Hayes Keeps Up Social Media Buzz

WWE Fans (Via WWE/Twitter)

Carmelo Hayes, who recently made his way to WWE’s main roster, has been making waves in the company by facing off against some of the top superstars. Despite his busy schedule, Hayes took a moment to showcase his affectionate side with his girlfriend from NXT, Kelani Jordan. Jordan, a former gymnast from Michigan State University, has been steadily climbing the ranks in the NXT women’s division since her debut as Dana Brooke’s protege during NXT Gold Rush. The couple, known as The Stand-Out and The A-Champion, began their relationship in 2023, balancing their wrestling careers with their personal lives.

Carmelo Hayes (Via WWE)

To commemorate what they dubbed as National Couple Day, Hayes and Jordan shared a sweet moment on social media, capturing a candid clip together. Hayes, 29, reposted the clip with a heartfelt caption, expressing their bond with a padlock emoji and a red heart emoji. While Hayes recently faced both victory and defeat in the King of the Ring Tournament, Jordan continues to make her mark in NXT, despite her recent loss to Fallon Henley.

During the King and Queen of the Ring PLE event in Saudi Arabia, WWE crowned Gunther as the 23rd King of the Ring after a fierce battle with Randy Orton. Amidst the excitement, Hayes, who was in attendance, took a playful jab at the WWE Universe through a live stream on Instagram, playfully teasing the fans with his remarks. Despite not being officially listed for the upcoming SmackDown, Hayes is expected to maintain his rivalry with LA Knight, ensuring that the WWE Universe remains charmed by his ongoing storyline.

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