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WWE Monday Night Raw: Potential Surprises Await After Recent PLE Event

WWE RAW (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE recently showcased the King and Queen of the Ring PLE event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where new champions were crowned, leaving fans delighted with the show’s quality. As the buzz from this event settles, the anticipation now shifts towards the upcoming Clash at the Castle: Scotland PLE, just three weeks away. With the build-up for this event commencing on WWE Raw tonight, excitement looms in the air for what lies ahead.

Looking ahead to Monday Night Raw, the terrain appears shrouded in mystery, with the exception of Becky Lynch’s vow to reclaim her Women’s World Championship from Liv Morgan. However, beyond this anticipated rematch, the specifics of what awaits on the red brand remain undisclosed, hinting at potential surprises brewing behind the scenes.

One speculated surprise could involve a significant turn of events for Becky Lynch, as rumors swirl regarding her possible departure from WWE following her recent loss at the King and Queen of the Ring event. Speculation suggests a potential “Loser Leaves WWE” match scenario between Lynch and Liv Morgan, which could serve as a pivotal moment in Lynch’s WWE journey.

Becky Lynch (Via WWE/Twitter)

Another intriguing twist could see the return of Raquel Rodriguez to aid Liv Morgan in her quest to fend off challenges, potentially altering the course of ongoing storylines. Given their history as former allies and champions, Rodriguez’s involvement could inject fresh dynamics into the Women’s World Championship scene.

Furthermore, tensions within The Alpha Academy could escalate with the Creed Brothers potentially aligning with Chad Gable, adding a new layer of complexity to their narrative. The Creed Brothers’ heel turn, if realized, could spark a resurgence in their WWE careers, reshaping the terrain of the tag team division on Raw.

Lastly, the long-awaited return of Dijak, formerly known as T-BAR, could shake things up as he sets his sights on Sami Zayn and the Intercontinental Championship. Dijak’s surprise attack on Zayn could mark a significant turning point, setting the stage for an intense rivalry and adding an element of unpredictability to Raw’s future storylines. As the stage is set for Monday Night Raw, the potential for game-changing surprises looms large, promising an electrifying viewing experience for WWE fans worldwide.

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