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Solo Takes Control of The Bloodline in Roman Reigns’ Absence

Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso (Via WWE/Twitter)

Solo Sikoa was all set to participate in the final dark match of SmackDown in Jeddah, but things took an unexpected turn when a returning star intervened. The Bloodline, unable to declare a King after Tama Tonga’s elimination from the King of the Ring tournament by Randy Orton, witnessed Solo Sikoa engaging in a physical altercation with Orton. Just as Solo seemed to have the upper hand, former Universal Champion Kevin Owens made a surprising return, coming to Orton’s aid and setting the stage for a showdown between Orton and Gunther in the finals.

Subsequently, a Saudi Street Fight was apparently on the cards, but the anticipated match never materialized. Instead, Kevin Owens, a nine-time champion, seized control by incapacitating Solo Sikoa, standing triumphantly alongside Randy Orton as SmackDown concluded its broadcast.

Solo Sikoa (Left); Solo, Paul Heyman and Tama Tonga (Right) (Via WWE/Twitter)

Kevin Owens’ absence since Backlash 2024 in Lyon, France, where he and Orton pushed The Bloodline to their limits, had left fans wondering about his whereabouts. The unexpected return and subsequent actions at SmackDown in Jeddah shed light on the ongoing power struggle within The Bloodline. Notably, Tonga Loa’s absence from the event due to alleged customs issues, as mentioned by Paul Heyman, further fueled speculation, with implications of a dubious past and potential legal entanglements surfacing in the storyline.

As tensions rise and uncertainties loom over The Bloodline’s future, the unforeseen turn of events in Jeddah has left fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this gripping saga of power dynamics and personal vendettas.

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