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Uncle Howdy’s Dark Descent: Kidnapping, Cross, and a Sinister Return to WWE

Uncle Howdy (Via WWE/Twitter)

Uncle Howdy has been hinting at a WWE return, but recent events suggest a darker turn. During the King and Queen of the Ring event, a QR code led to a video showing someone playing WWE2K24 before being abruptly taken. Many speculate it was Killian Dain, possibly Howdy’s first victim.

One sign points to Nikki Cross’s involvement with Wyatt 6, as she has been absent from WWE TV and excluded from recent drafts. Fans believe Cross may have allowed Howdy entry, leading to the alleged kidnapping.

Uncle Howdy (Via WWE/Twitter)

There are rumors of Nikki Cross’s disappearance, with fans noting changes in her social media. Speculation arose after a video showed two dog bowls, indicating Howdy visited Cross’s house. Killian Dain’s voice in the video implicates him in the events, with both Cross and Dain staying silent on social media, fueling suspicions of their abduction.

The potentially Irish voice in the video matches Killian Dain’s, further linking him to the incident. The lack of social media activity from Cross and Dain adds to the mystery surrounding their whereabouts. The unfolding events suggest a sinister twist to Uncle Howdy’s anticipated WWE comeback.

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