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Ronda Rousey Opens Up About Criticism and UFC Experience

Ronda Rousey (Via WWE/Twitter)

Former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey, recently addressed the substantial criticism she faced from MMA media and UFC fans. Despite her success in UFC, including multiple titles and a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame, Rousey encountered significant backlash throughout her MMA and WWE careers. The MMA media portrayed her in a negative light, leading to feelings of being vilified and unwelcome.

Rousey expressed reluctance to attend UFC events due to the anticipated negative reception she might receive from fans, reflecting on the harsh criticisms labeling her as a “fraud” and “exposed.” She shared her disappointment, mentioning the emotional toll of giving her all to UFC, only to face relentless scrutiny and unappreciation from external sources.

In a candid interview with High Performance, Ronda Rousey revealed her inner turmoil regarding the criticisms she endured, emphasizing the emotional strain of feeling inadequate despite giving her best efforts. She acknowledged the discrepancy between her personal satisfaction with her performance and the external perception that deemed her efforts insufficient.

Ronda Rousey (Via WWE/Twitter)

Rousey’s decision to distance herself from UFC events stemmed from the fear of facing further disapproval and hostility from the audience, highlighting the impact of enduring public scrutiny on her psyche. Additionally, Rousey disclosed her history of concealing multiple concussions during her WWE tenure, shedding light on the physical toll of her wrestling career and her decision to refrain from future WWE wrestling engagements.

As fans speculate on the possibility of a Rousey versus Becky Lynch match, Rousey remains firm in her stance of not returning to WWE in the foreseeable future. Despite lingering hopes among enthusiasts for a potential comeback to World Wrestling Entertainment, Rousey’s candid revelations about her past experiences and the emotional weight of criticism offer a poignant insight into the challenges faced by high-profile athletes in of professional sports.

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