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Liv Morgan’s Reign Begins: WWE Stars React to New Women’s Champion’s Coronation

Mandy Rose (Via WWE/Twitter)

Reacting to WWE Superstar Liv Morgan’s remarkable achievement of becoming the Women’s World Champion, various prominent figures such as Mandy Rose, Raquel Rodriguez, Natalya, and Sonya Deville expressed their excitement.

The historic win occurred at the King and Queen of the Ring tournament where Morgan faced Becky Lynch for the coveted title. Despite Lynch’s initial dominance, Morgan turned the tables with a submission hold and secured the victory with a DDT on a chair followed by an Oblivion, aided by an unexpected interference from Rhea Ripley’s associate, Dominik Mysterio. Mysterio, aiming to prevent Morgan from winning, inadvertently ended up contributing to her success, leading to Liv Morgan clinching the Women’s World Championship.

In the aftermath of her triumph, several WWE superstars took to social media to congratulate the new champion, sharing her winning moments across various platforms. Additionally, Liv Morgan had previously discussed her relationship with Rhea Ripley during an interview on WWE Break it Down. She spoke fondly of their once close bond and the joy of teaming up with Ripley, highlighting the unique connection they shared.

Mandy Rose (Via WWE/Twitter)

However, Morgan revealed that their friendship had dissolved, indicating an end to their former camaraderie. Despite this revelation, Morgan expressed gratitude for the special bond they once had, acknowledging the shift in their relationship dynamics.

Furthermore, following Liv Morgan’s victory, reactions from Ripley’s stablemates, Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio, presented contrasting perspectives on the unfolding events. While Priest appeared dismayed by Morgan’s win, Mysterio hinted at a supportive stance towards Morgan, suggesting a potential alliance or collaboration in the future. The WWE universe witnessed a significant shift in dynamics with Liv Morgan’s rise to the top, setting the stage for new narratives and rivalries within the wrestling realm.

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