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Becky Lynch’s Uncertain WWE Future Post Loss to Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch (Via WWE/Twitter)

Becky Lynch, a long-standing WWE competitor, faced Liv Morgan in a title defense at King and Queen of the Ring, where Morgan emerged victorious with an assist from Dominik Mysterio. Speculation arose about Lynch’s WWE contract, set to end in a week, and the impact of her title loss on her future in the wrestling world. Wrestling veteran Matt Morgan shared his insights on the Gigantic Pop podcast, expressing confidence that Lynch would renew her contract with WWE. He emphasized the significance of Lynch’s family ties within the wrestling industry, particularly noting her husband, Seth Rollins’, recent contract extension with the company.

Becky Lynch (Via WWE/Twitter)

Matt Morgan drew parallels from his own life, highlighting how family commitments influenced his decision to step back from wrestling. He acknowledged the allure of the lifestyle Lynch and Rollins share on the road together, underscoring the rarity and desirability of such a setup for a professional wrestler. Lynch’s potential departure from this environment seemed unlikely to Morgan, given the unique balance of pursuing her wrestling dreams while having her family by her side.

In the aftermath of her loss to Morgan, Becky Lynch hinted at a rematch on WWE RAW, expressing her intention to invoke her rematch clause. With her contract expiration looming, the wrestling community eagerly awaits news on whether Lynch will extend her tenure with WWE. The upcoming RAW episode holds the promise of a gripping storyline as fans anticipate Lynch’s quest to reclaim the Women’s World Championship. The unfolding drama surrounding Lynch’s contract negotiations and her pursuit of wrestling glory adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing WWE narrative.

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