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Vince Russo Predicts WWE Money in the Bank Winner and Potential Feud

Vince Russo (Via WWE/Twitter)

Vince Russo, a wrestling veteran, recently shared his predictions for the upcoming WWE Money in the Bank event. With the absence of major names like CM Punk and Rhea Ripley due to injuries, speculation is rife about who the creative team will choose to spotlight. Russo hinted that Finn Balor might be the one to watch out for, possibly being pushed to the forefront. In a recent interview with Russo, he confidently stated, “I know who they are gonna put over… I think they are gonna put Finn Balor over… Finn Balor. Damian Priest, there you go. You got it. There you go bro.”

Moreover, Russo also hinted at a potential feud between Damian Priest and Finn Balor as the ultimate storyline climax. The ongoing tensions within The Judgment Day faction, especially after Damian Priest’s rise to becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, have set the stage for an explosive rivalry. Russo mentioned on Legion of RAW, “Yeah probably. Because they have nothing. And I’ve been saying for months that they need to break Damian Priest out of that (Judgment Day). So yeah bro, they think that’s gonna be a huge angle with Damian Priest and Finn Balor.”

Damian Priest and Finn Balor (Via WWE/Twitter)

The dynamics within the wrestling community are always unpredictable, but Russo’s insights offer a look into the potential future of WWE storylines. However, only time will tell if his foresight aligns with the actual events that unfold in the ring. As fans eagerly await the Money in the Bank event, the anticipation for surprises and new developments continues to grow.

EC3, another wrestling figure, also shared his thoughts on a possible future matchup between Goldberg and a former WWE Intercontinental champion. Whether these speculations manifest into reality remains to be witnessed in the thrilling world of professional wrestling.

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