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Jordynne Grace’s Earpiece Auction: A Surprising Twist in Wrestling Drama

WWE NXT and Fan (Via WWE/Twitter)

A female wrestling sensation, Jordynne Grace from TNA Wrestling, recently caused a stir by putting up a tweet to auction off a piece of her ear after her appearance at the 2024 WWE Women’s Royal Rumble Match. Grace, a prominent figure in TNA Wrestling for over six years, garnered significant attention during the Royal Rumble Match, receiving a thunderous response from the audience.

In a surprising turn of events, Grace took to Twitter to announce the auction of a piece of her ear, a post that she later deleted. Her tweet read, “Stole these back because if I’m gonna lose my favorite earring and piece of my ear, I need to be compensated for it. Auction link in comments.” Although the tweet has been taken down, it sparked curiosity and raised eyebrows among fans and followers alike.

WWE Show (Via WWE/Twitter)

Despite her bold move, the future trajectory for the 28-year-old wrestling star remains uncertain. Grace’s participation in the 2024 WWE Women’s Royal Rumble Match saw her entering as the fifth contestant, lasting close to 20 minutes in the ring. However, she fell short of eliminating any opponents and was eventually eliminated by Bianca Belair.

In a revealing behind-the-scenes video shared by TNA, Grace expressed her surprise upon learning about her involvement in the prestigious Women’s Royal Rumble Match. She recounted the moment when she received the unexpected call from Scott, expressing disbelief and excitement at the opportunity presented to her.

The buzz surrounding Grace’s tweet on X/Twitter gained considerable traction before its deletion, with the eBay listing for the earpiece also being taken down subsequently. The incident added an intriguing twist to Grace’s wrestling journey, leaving fans and the wrestling community intrigued about her next steps and future endeavors in the ring.

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