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Rhea Ripley’s Star Shines Bright: A Tribute from Trish Stratus and Fans

Rhea Ripley (Via WWE/Twitter)

WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley recently responded to a photo featuring Trish Stratus alongside a cosplayer dressed as Mami. Ripley, a prominent figure in pro wrestling today, enjoys a massive fan base and often shares fan cosplays on her Instagram stories. Trish Stratus, a WWE Hall of Famer, was captured in pictures with both a John Cena and a Rhea Ripley cosplayer, showcasing their excitement to be photographed with the wrestling legend. Ripley, upon noticing the images, shared one on her official Instagram account as a reaction.

Trish Stratus, hailed as one of the greatest female stars in WWE history, was recognized by WWE as the top woman superstar on its list of the 50 Greatest Woman Superstars. In an interview with Brioux TV, Trish expressed admiration for Rhea Ripley, acknowledging her as potentially the biggest female star of this generation. Trish commended Ripley for bringing a unique energy to the ring, charming audiences with her ability to portray a villain that fans can’t help but cheer for.

Rhea Ripley (Via WWE/Twitter)

She highlighted Ripley’s dedication to the industry and the remarkable journey she has embarked on, emphasizing the joy of witnessing Ripley’s evolution firsthand.

Over the past two years, Rhea Ripley has delivered some of the most outstanding performances of her career. From joining The Judgment Day to a year-long title reign and a well-received onscreen romance with Dominik Mysterio, Ripley has showcased her versatility and talent. Currently on a hiatus due to injury, Ripley’s impact and star power continue to resonate within the wrestling community. As fans debate on who holds the spotlight between Trish Stratus and Rhea Ripley, the admiration for both women’s contributions to the industry remains palpable.

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