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Bollywood Star Varun Dhawan Impressed by The Rock’s Transformation for New Movie

The Rock (Via WWE/Twitter)

Varun Dhawan, a known WWE enthusiast, recently reacted to The Rock’s remarkable change for his upcoming film, The Smashing Machine. The Great One’s new look left Varun visibly impressed, showcasing his admiration for the WWE legend. The Rock’s fans also showered praise on the movie’s makeup team for their incredible work on his appearance, further heightening the anticipation for the movie.

Varun’s love for WWE is no secret, as he recalls watching it religiously in his childhood and being a devoted fan of Dwayne Johnson. The Rock’s recent portrayal in The Smashing Machine charmed audiences, with Varun Dhawan being among those who were charmed by the transformation.

In a past incident, Varun found himself in a Twitter spat with a fan who criticized him for supporting Hollywood movies like Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, featuring The Rock. Unfazed by the troll’s comments about his preferences in movies, Varun retorted by pointing out the fan’s choice of a Harry Potter profile picture, suggesting he shouldn’t preach while displaying such interests.

The Rock (Via WWE/Twitter)

The Rock’s recent involvement in WrestleMania XL garnered significant attention, where he played a pivotal role during the main event. Despite his efforts alongside Roman Reigns, they fell short against Cody Rhodes. Post-WrestleMania, The Rock engaged in a tense confrontation with Cody Rhodes on RAW, hinting at a potential clash between the two megastars in the future.

The buzz around The Rock’s new movie and his wrestling appearances continues to charmed fans worldwide, with Varun Dhawan’s admiration for the iconic wrestler-turned-actor adding to the excitement surrounding both their careers.

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