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LWO in Turmoil: Carlito’s Betrayal Sparks Fury and Retribution on WWE Raw

WWE RAW (Via WWE/Twitter)

A recent incident on WWE Raw has sparked fury within the popular faction known as LWO. One of its members expressed intense anger towards Carlito following a vicious backstage assault on a stablemate. The tension escalated after Carlito’s involvement in a series of altercations with former comrades, leading to a dramatic showdown on the latest episode of Raw.

Months ago, Rey Mysterio introduced Dragon Lee as his tag team partner for WrestleMania 40. However, Lee fell victim to a mysterious backstage attack, forcing him to withdraw and be replaced by Andrade. Post-WrestleMania revelations by Santos Escobar revealed Carlito as the assailant behind Dragon Lee’s assault. In a retaliatory move, the former Intercontinental Champion ambushed Carlito, setting the stage for a heated conflict.

Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar (Via WWE/Twitter)

During a recent Raw event, Carlito escalated tensions by targeting and incapacitating Cruz Del Toro, prompting Dragon Lee to address the situation publicly. In a social media post, Lee directly called out Carlito for his actions, expressing his frustration with the ongoing feud. The former LWO member’s attempts to align himself with the Judgment Day faction faced obstacles when Braun Strowman thwarted his plans, leaving his future alliances uncertain.

As the drama unfolds within the WWE universe, fans are eagerly anticipating the resolution of conflicts and the potential alliances that may emerge. The intense rivalries and unexpected twists continue to charmed audiences, setting the stage for future showdowns and collaborations. Stay tuned for more updates on the evolving saga of LWO and its members in professional wrestling.

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