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Former Champion’s Anticipated Return to Raw After 9 Months


The latest episode of Monday Night Raw was filled with excitement, featuring backstage tensions, unexpected confrontations, and a long-awaited comeback that captured everyone’s attention. A former Tag Team Champion, absent for almost a year, finally made her way back to the red brand.

Backstage Drama Unfolds

Amidst a backstage commotion, Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler, recovering from a brutal defeat in the Queen of the Ring quarterfinals, prepared for a match to determine the next challengers for the Women’s Tag Team Titles. To everyone’s surprise, Sonya Deville, absent due to a serious ACL injury, made a stunning return to Monday Night Raw. Extending a hand of reconciliation to Zoey and Shayna, she was met with resistance as Shayna chose to move on, leaving Zoey in a state of uncertainty.

Sonya Deville (Via WWE/Twitter)

Sonya Deville’s Impactful Return

Sonya Deville, previously known for her authoritative role alongside Adam Pearce, reentered the wrestling scene after her partnership as one of the Women’s Tag Team Champions on Raw was cut short by an ACL injury. During her absence, Piper Niven stepped in as Chelsea Green’s new teammate. Sonya Deville’s comeback to the Women’s division has been highly anticipated, sparking speculations about potential managerial roles in her future endeavors.

Sonya Deville’s return signifies a pivotal moment for Raw, heralding the arrival of new narratives and heightened competition within the Women’s division. Fans are buzzing with excitement, curious to see how her presence will redefine the terrain of Monday Night Raw and influence the unfolding storylines.

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