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Chad Gable Receives Kurt Angle Treatment On Monday Night Raw

Chad Gable (Via WWE/Twitter)

The WWE Universe witnessed an electrifying episode on May 20, 2024, during Monday Night RAW. The show began with Sami Zayn setting the stage, followed by the entrance of Chad Gable, the Intercontinental Champion. Gable’s opponent, Chad Gable, surprisingly stole the spotlight, drawing intense reactions from the crowd.

As The Alpha Academy leader, Chad Gable stepped into the arena, he encountered a barrage of “you suck” chants reminiscent of how fans used to taunt the legendary Kurt Angle. This chant, a tradition from Angle’s wrestling days, now found a new target in Gable, creating a buzz across the audience.

In an unexpected twist, the WWE Universe directed their taunts towards Chad Gable as he oversaw the embarrassment of his Alpha Academy students. While the crowd disapproved of Gable’s actions, they showered massive cheers on his teammate, Otis, who bravely confronted Sami Zayn during the match.

Alpha Academy and Chad Gable (Via WWE/Twitter)

Standing out among The Alpha Academy members, Otis took a stand against Zayn when Gable’s other proteges, Maxxine Dupri and Akira Tozawa, declined to assist their mentor. Gable, in a move of authority, removed the dissenting members from ringside, leaving Otis as his only ally against Zayn.

Despite the tension within the group, Gable’s actions pushed Otis into the spotlight, forcing him to support the champion. Gable’s questioning of his team’s loyalty and his actions towards his students leave a looming question about the future of The Alpha Academy. Will they stand united behind Gable, or will internal conflicts tear them apart? The unfolding events will reveal the fate of this wrestling stable on Monday Night RAW.

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